Image kindly provided by BUAV/CFIAustralia is already home to three government-funded facilities where primates are bred specifically for research – macaques and marmosets in Churchill, Victoria and baboons in Wallacia, NSW. Yet despite this "ready supply", nine permits have been granted since 2000, to import primates into Australia for research.  

Data obtained from CITES (Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species - to which Australia is a signatory), has shown that between 2000-2015, Australia has imported: 

Humane Research Australia has campaigned against this cruel trade for many years.

In 2011, Labor MP Mike Symon presented a petition of over 10,000 signatures to the House of Representatives calling for a ban on the importation of primates for research.

In November 2012, Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon introduced a private members bill to the Senate. HRA was invited to attend their media conference.

In November 2015 the bill was re-presented and has been referred to inquiry by the Senate Environment and Communications Committee.

Submissions for the Inquiry have now closed. You can read a copy of ours here 

Prohibition of Live Imports of Primates for Research Bill 2015 Prohibition of Live Imports of Primates for Research Bill 2015 (468KB)

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Please use the form below to ask Air France to stop transporting monkeys for research purposes.

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Dear Ms Grigorova,

I am writing in support of the Humane Research Australia campaign to Ban Primate Experiments.

I was shocked to learn that your airline is involved in the transportation of monkeys to laboratories. It is unacceptable that these sensitive animals, ripped from their families and homes, are then subjected to the stress of being packed into small crates and shipped as cargo on your airline to end up in laboratories where they will suffer in experiments.

I urge you to join the increasing number of airlines that have made the decision to stop their involvement in this cruelty. Until you do, I will not be flying with your airline.

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